Thursday, November 13, 2014

3C Greenopolis | 3C Greenopolis Resale,3C Greenopolis Sec-89 Gurgaon

3C Greenopolis

Focusing on the efficient use of energy, water and building material, Greenopolis is an innovative blend of green efficient technologies creating an eco-friendly habitat. 3C Greenopolis is an innovatively designed habitat integrating open green areas, social spaces and infrastructure in an environmentally sustainable way. Our vision is to create an environment friendly habitat encompassing all elements for your spiritual and physical well being.


  • Heat Reflective Glass - Heat reflective glass helps in controlling glare and solar heat resulting in reduced air conditioning load.
  • Cross Ventilation - Refresh your senses with fresh breezes wafting through every nook and corner of your house.
  • Heat Reduction - Insulated roofs substantially reduce heat ingress thereby resulting in substantially lower air conditioning loads.
  • External Solar Lighting - Save for yourself as well as for the planet with the latest in solar lighting systems landscape areas.
  • Green Views - Balconies and windows have been specifically designed to present rejuvenating views of extensively landscaped areas from all directions.
  • Conservation of Natural Resources - 0% Discharge buildings for rain water. Collection, segregation & recy cling of waste.
  • Cost Reduction - Not only do you save precious water and electricity, but also enjoy monetary savings, thanks to our energy efficient mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Water Conservation - The latest in water conservation fixtures & fittings, Rainwater Harvesting Technology and low water consuming plants, let you save every drop of water you can.
  • Ramps for Wheelchairs - Access to amenities has been designed to specially care for people with special needs.
  • Electric Charge Points - Go eco-friendly with electric vehicles and enjoy the facility of charging your electric vehicle at our various electric charge points, anytime.
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) - Low VOC paints, adhesive and products are used for occupants comfort and to minimise health hazards.
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